About Mother goose day nursery



At Mother Goose Day Nursery our philosophy is to provide a high standard of care for children and their families, in a warm, friendly and nurturing environment for your child to learn, grow, experience, explore and be

"Inspired Towards Flight"

Our program aims to meet each child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs, not only at an age appropriate level but also at an individual level. Our program takes into consideration each child’s interests and needs and recognises the value of play while encouraging children to experiment and explore in a safe environment. This environment aims to provide grass under your child’s toes, while picking oranges off a tree, growing your own vegetables, seeing live cultural productions, train rides, making mud pies, watching chickens hatch, caring for pets and other home like experiences that bring together a vast array of learning experiences.

Children’s life skills will be fostered, giving children the ability to gain confidence and self worth in all activities attempted.

All families and children are treated with respect and as equals. Consideration is given to each family`s cultural, religious and family values, with every effort made to include such values in the curriculum where appropriate: encouraging input from families, grandparents and the wider community. 


Our aim is not only to teach children to respect themselves and others but also respect for our environment today and a sustainable environment for the children of the future. 


Management regards each team member as an asset and each person’s contribution and opinion are of value.


Our dedicated staff works towards the highest standard of professional care for all children and their families, which gives meaning to “Quality Child Care.”