Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Mother Goose Day Nursery?
Mother Goose Day Nursery is privately owned by a local mum, Sharron Thomas. Sharron works with the other educators in providing the best quality care possible. You will find Sharron in our office from 7.30-3.30pm.

How many children does the centre cater for?
At Mother Goose Day Nursery we believe that young children benefit from smaller group sizes.
We have our Tiny Tadpoles (0-2years) with 8 in this group, with 2 educators.

Our Curious Koalas (1.5-2.5 years) with 8-10 children with 2 educators.
Our Tiny Tadpoles and Curious Koalas have their own outside area away from the faster pace of the older children.
Our Leaping Frogs (2-4years) have 2 educators with 16 children and also have a separate play area.
Our Brilliant Bees (4-6years) have 2 educators with 20 children and have a separate play area.
Our Centre is licensed for 52 children, under school age.

Can I get Child Care Benefits (CCB) and or CCR (Child Care Rebate)?
As our centre is a registered and licensed long day care centre, all families (Australian residents) are eligible for CCB. It is up to each family to register with the Family Assistance Office by completing a "Child Care Benefit Application Form".  CCB reduce the fees that you pay. CCB is means tested while CCR is not means tested. CCR covers 50% (maximum $7500) out of pocket expenses per child for working families.

What hours do you operate?
Mother Goose Day Nursery is open from 7.30am till 6pm Monday to Friday. We are closed Christmas Eve and reopen the first Monday after the New Year. We are closed public holidays, if we are closed you don’t pay fees.

What if my child is sick?
At Mother Goose Day Nursery we believe that if every family is diligent in keeping their ill child at home, then this will stop sickness from spreading to the next family. When a child is sick or has a contagious disease, it can have a compounding effect for each family and our educators. At Mother Goose Day Nursery we have taken the guidelines on excluding ill children one step further, to help maintain a healthy environment for your child. Taking time off work to care for a sick child is hard, but it may avoid 3 or 4 other parents having to do the same thing. For a copy of our policy please reference your enrolment handbook.

What do the children do all day?
Mother Goose Day Nursery is not just another child care centre. Mother Goose Day Nursery is a place that your child can learn and grow in a safe environment, with educators who foster your child's self-confidence and show your child that the sky is the limit, who "Inspire your child towards flight".
Each age room has a different program depending on the children's needs and interests. At the end of each day each room you can view the room’s iPad to see photos and documentation of your child’s day.

Why should I choose Mother Goose Day Nursery?
You should only choose Mother Goose Day Nursery if you feel comfortable. Child care is a personal choice and only you will know when you have found the right one. Visit a few childcare centers before making the choice. Mother Goose Day Nursery has an open door policy, come in and talk to our educators about your concerns. Being a mother of 4 boys I understand how hard it can be to leave a child for the first time; it can be quite distressing for both you and your child. You may decide to visit several times before leaving your child; this gives you (and your child) the opportunity the get to know our educators. Another option may be to start your child off with a few hours at first and work up to a full day.  It may take a while for your child to work out that they are safe and that you are coming back. Talk to our educators about other settling ideas if you are concerned.

How do I put my child’s name on the waiting list?
Mother Goose Day Nursery has a waiting list for families. Mother Goose Day Nursery gives priority to working families. Call our office and register your child/ren with us, download a waiting list request form from our webpage or just call in.