Tiny Tadpoles- 0-1.5years


At Mother Goose Day Nursery our Tiny Tadpoles have access to individual cot rooms. This means your child is less likely to be disturbed during rest periods. Happy and alert, your child can then learn through play, with quality interactions from our dedicated and caring educators.
While in care your child will learn through observation and interactions with other children their own age. Our aim in our Tiny Tadpole room is to emulate your child's home routine and provide support for you as a parent in raising your child.
The ratio of staff in our Tiny Tadpole rooms is 1:4 allowing our educators to provide the best care possible.


Curious Koalas- 1.5-2.5years

In our Curious Koalas our children are starting to explore arts and craft, home corner, dancing and language groups. The children are starting to form friendships and developing self help skills. We have lots of fun in the sandpit and with water play, we water the garden and discover creepy crawlies that live in the garden too. We have 2 educators in this room with 8-10 children.


Leaping Frogs- 2-4 Years

Our Leaping Frogs are developing self-help skills and confidence in their own abilities. This helps build a positive self image. Our Leaping Frogs are also working towards the identification of colours, shapes, counting and pre-writing skills. Our Leaping Frogs are introduced to short group times which include music, language group, and discussions. These group times are gradually increased as their attention spans lengthen. Our Leaping Frogs are guided during their development of role play, social skills and friendships. Our experienced educators will foster your child's skills in all developmental areas. 


Brilliant Bees- 4-6years

We run a school readiness program continuously throughout the year to give your child a head start when entering school. We explore concepts outlined in "Early Stage One NSW Board of Studies Syllabus". Concepts explored throughout the year will include colours, shapes, number recognition, letter recognition, grouping of objects, addition and subtraction, basic word recognition, personal name recognition, science experiments, as well as listening and speaking skills required for school. Our qualified educators will complete an Individual Assessment of your child to determine their readiness for school. Parents of gifted children should consider this program. We will stimulate and engage your child while they further develop the social skills that are vital for successful school entry. We do this through groups and free play and exploration; the best way for your child to learn is through active hands on participation.